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The Creed

  • We believe in the existence of a Higher Power, the ultimate nature of which is beyond human comprehension and which must, thus, be perceived and interacted with by each individual in the manner and by the methods with which they are most comfortable.  

  • We believe that many aspects of the universe are of a dual nature with a spectrum often ranging between the opposite polarities of existence.

  • We believe that seeking to find balance in all things is key to health, happiness, and harmony in life.

  • We believe in the multi-dimensional nature of reality and that from our current, limited physical perspective we cannot possibly hope to comprehend the full nature and scope of existence.

  • We believe that all things are comprised of energy and that this universal life energy flows through and connects all things.

  • We believe that each of us is a component of a greater being, often referred to as the Higher Self or the Oversoul, and that it is from this source that we draw our power, plan our existence, and through which we relate to deity.

  • We believe that all individuals have the right and the obligation to seek and to strive to accomplish their True Will in life.

  • We believe in the Law of Cause and Effect, or "Karma," which is to say that that which is put out into the universe shall be returned in kind.

  • We believe that each individual must identify and follow their own path in life and their own approach to spirituality.  There is no single approach that will work for all and we must each seek to identify and follow our own personalized set of beliefs and practices that are the most meaningful and empowering for us each as individuals.  There is no single "right" path, one size does not fit all.

  • We believe as the dawn of the New Aeon of human evolution approaches, that this Omnistic approach to spirituality allows individuals of widely varying beliefs to join harmoniously together for worship and fellowship without sacrificing that which makes each of us unique in celebration of our diversity.

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