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A History of Hope


Anyone would be hard put to argue that Archbishop Tutu of South Africa or The Dalia Lama did evil in their endless struggles for social justice for all.  However, they would be equally hard put to argue that bin Laden, who caused the death of thousands, or past religious leaders in every major religion did not do evil.

No faith is entirely good or entirely evil.  The New Aeon Church, however, sees that religions that do good are a light, as the Christ said, which should not be put under a basket, but should shine on a hill.

It is natural to desire faith, and most people, even if they do not believe in a divinity do have some form of faith in something.  Further, new faiths emerge all the time. If it pursues justice, peace, and love, then we welcome that faith and its followers.  Join us.

Many paths, one Church.  A global congregation of independent travelers!

Many things can be said about religion.  

First, let us be clear, the evidence shows that religion has existed since the beginning.  Our human ancestors, as far back as we can find any evidence, worshipped. Our most primitive primate ancestors now, also worship. 


Chimpanzees have been observed to bow down to and dance to waterfalls, and also to create shrines of rocks and appear to worship at these rock shrines against trees.  This parallels our own early ancestors' desire to worship, and even the way they worshipped as best the archeological record shows (animism).


As religion has developed over the millennia it has done a great deal of good, and also a great deal of evil.  It has caused wars, and genocides, but it has also healed families and been a powerful force pushing social justice forward.  On balance, over the eons, it has been more of a good than an evil, and both good and evil have come out of the way that humans have used it. 


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