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Join the New Aeon Church!

Associating with the
New Aeon Church


If you or your group would like to be in fellowship and association with the New Aeon Church, International - and if you believe that all faiths and as we do that all faiths and beliefs have value and that an individualized spiritual path is the most effective approach, then you are welcome to contact us, regardless of your particular path, to request association. 

For an Individual Membership with the Church, please submit a Membership Application.

For a Group Membership affiliation, please EMAIL us explaining why you would like to associate with us and let us know about the nature and composition of the group.  Your application will be reviewed by the Board at our next board meeting, and you may be contacted for additional information or an interview.

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Our Mission Requirements

We are a legally recognized Omnist Church.  We accept that there are many paths and that all are valid for those who follow them. We welcome all who would enter communion with us - but need those applicants to understand that our omnistic approach is genuine.  Your path is valid, absolutely, for you.  Someone else's path is valid for them.  No path however validates the mistreatment or worse of one individual by another due to their faith choices.  As Omnists we respect one another and acknowledge one another's paths, even if we do not follow them.  Love one another, savor the good, and do away with the evil in all faiths.

Our Vision

The goal of the New Aeon Church, International is to bring together individuals and congregations willing to work together for the greater good of all and to share their beliefs and learn from others. The Church provides administrative support, guidance when needed, clerical training and ordination for individuals seeking to enter our clergy.  

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