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Order of Hermes

An order for our LGBTQ members

The question arose In a conversation between the Arch-priest and another member of the Board of Directors for the Denomination, as to what the Church should do to include its LGBTQA members.

That discussion led to the formation of the Order of Hermes


While Hermes is often remembered for his wisdom (usually when combined with Thoth) and has the entire field/school of Hermetics named for him, what is often not remembered is that he was clearly bisexual.

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There was a time, in the ancient world when LGBTQA people were important in the world of faith.  In ancient Sumer priests of Inanna were normally homosexual.  Priestesses of the Great Mother were transgendered.  

In the Americas, native shamans in many tribes were often homosexual, and, along with other LGBTQA people were considered "two-spirit" people and both accepted and counted upon for the greater community.

The conquest of various Polynesian Islands by the Spanish, and their conquest of the Philippines, found fully integrated homosexuals, a tradition that they never managed to fully wipe out.

We believe that there is always a place in faith for people from the LGBTQA community and their allies, and we aim to help them find it.

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