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Orders of the
New Aeon Church

Orders are formal associations within the Church dedicated to a particular area of study or practice.  Orders are often called upon by the Board of Directors, the Arch Priesthood, Affiliate Groups, members of the Congregation, or the greater community to provide assistance or services in their areas of expertise.  Orders are approved and report to the Board of Directors and may be operated by appointed individuals or groups or may be run by the Church administration directly.


ORDER OF ARTISANS:  The Order of Artisans is dedicated to all forms of artistic pursuit.  Members of this Order share their ideas, share their work, discuss techniques, conduct classes and workshops, and inspire each other to new heights.


ORDER OF BACCHUS:  The Order of Bacchus is dedicated to the study and practice of crafting, brewing and fermenting; the use of alcohol in sacred religious ceremonies; exploration of altered states of consciousness; planning and conducting Church parties, celebrations, and social gatherings; and the study and worship of Bacchus.


ORDER OF CHRIST:  The Order of Christ is dedicated to the study and practice of the teachings of Jesus Christ.  The Order embraces an open and inclusive form of Christianity which respects the beliefs of other denominations while preserving an Abrahamic monotheistic approach among its adherents.       


ORDER OF CHRYSALIS:  The Order of Chrysalis is dedicated to issues of recovery.  This Order focuses on recovery from addiction, loss, or trauma from a holistic metaphysical perspective. Members will support one another in their recovery in local chapters or from a distance.  Local chapters may use a combination of different techniques including clerical counseling, recovery support groups, meditation, meta-programming, hypnosis, energy healing, and ritual to help their members recover fully, take charge of their own destinies, and improve their lives.


ORDER OF THE DAUGHTERS OF THE GODDESS:  The Daughters of the Goddess is an Order dedicated to exploring all aspects of the divine feminine.  The Order works to bring together a collective of women to discover the mysteries, in the endless circle of life and lives in all stages of womanhood; maiden, mother, and crone and in the process, heal our spirits and our world.


ORDER OF EARTH WALKERS:  The Order of Earth Walkers is dedicated to outdoor adventure, camping, bush craft, survival, and exploration of the natural world.  Members of this Order plan trips and outings and coordinate projects related to the study and conservation of the natural world.


ORDER OF GAIA:  The Order of Gaia dedicated to the study of the Earth, environment, animals, plants, and issues of environmental conservation.  Gaia is the divine collective we call nature, and is the mother of all life. In her manifestation as Mother Earth, we are her children born of her flesh and share in all the joys of her life.  At this time should all be concerned with the future of our Mother Earth as we face environmental concerns and harmful actions of humanity against the natural world.


ORDER OF GUARDIANS:  The Order of Guardians is the health and safety division of the Church dedicated to providing assistance, support, and safety services.  Their motto is "Service for the Greater Good". 


ORDER OF HEALERS:  The Order of Healers is dedicated to the study and practice of the Healing Arts. This Order will explore various alternative and complementary healing modalities including energy healing, herbal medicine, homeopathy, aromatherapy, meditation, hypnosis, sound and music, color and light therapy, massage, reflexology, nutrition, and other natural healing methods. 


ORDER OF HEARTH KEEPERS:  The Order of Hearth Keepers is dedicated to issues of family, home, and kitchen.  We welcome the Kitchen Witch, the Hearth Woman (or Man); mothers, and all who thrive on providing a warm and comfortable environment for our members, guests, families and friends.  The Order of the Hearth Keepers works to prepare meals, prepare sleeping space, and to make sure that all of the needs and comforts of our members are taken care of.


ORDER OF HERALDS AND SCRIBES:  The Order of Heralds and Scribes is dedicated to information, administration, organization, and communication.  This Order handles many of the administrative, clerical, record keeping, organizational, communications, marketing, and public relations aspects of the Church and its Temples.


ORDER OF HERMES:  The Order of Hermes is dedicated to exploring issues related to gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, and transgender spirituality. Members of the Order work together to support affirm and encourage one another; to share different experiences and different points of view, acknowledging the validity of these; to help each other reach a fuller and richer understanding of our place within the community; and to provide education, outreach, and support related to GLBT issues and spirituality. 


ORDER OF KADA:  The Order of Kada is dedicated to the use and maintenance of the NACI Astral Portal and Crystal Web.  The Astral Portal and Crystal Web form an energetic construct that has been created over several decades of work. The Crystal Web uses buried crystals and other stones to form a global network which can be used to facilitate Earth healing, spiritual communication, and as a battery.  The Astral Portal was created to amplify and enhance the Church’s pre-existing Crystal Web.   A Guardian Egregore and energetic attunement system were also created to help connect, direct, and amplify energies transmitted and to control access to and use of the Astral Portal.     


ORDER OF LIBERTY:  The Order of Liberty is dedicated to supporting and honoring our members of the military.  The Order is Open to members from any branch of service and includes actives, veterans, retired, or reserve, as well as military family and friends and to those interested in working to secure religious freedom for members of the military.  The Order works to provide outreach and support services; facilitate communication, networking, and resource sharing; and to ensure religious freedom and equality for all Pagan members of the military.


ORDER OF MAGICK:  The Order of Magick is dedicated to the study and practice of the Magickal Arts.  Magick is the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with Will.  This Order will explore various magickal systems from around the world and will help coordinate magickal training programs, rituals, and workings within the Church and our Temples. 


ORDER OF MUSIC FOR THE MIND:  The Order of Music for the Mind is dedicated to using music as a tool for healing, growth, and spirituality.  This Order will bring experienced and inexperienced musicians together to make music, teach music, and play music at events and within the community


ORDER OF PARANORMAL EXPLORATION:  The Order of Paranormal Exploration is dedicated to the study and investigation of paranormal or unexplained phenomenon; including paranormal investigation, cryptozoology, and Ufology. 


ORDER OF SCHOLARS:  The Order of Scholars is dedicated to academic pursuits and scholarly research.  This Order conducts academic research projects related to theology, history, ritual, genealogy, and other areas of interest. The Order also assists with course development and instructional design for the Church's College and Seminary program. The Order may be called upon by the Church, by Temples, or other Church bodies to assist with projects related to its purpose.


ORDER OF SEERS AND PSYCHICS:  The Order of Seers and Psychics is dedicated to the study and practice of divination, spirit communication, and psychic development. We explore the realms beyond the veil and seek communication with the Spirit World.


ORDER OF SHADOWS:  The Order of Shadows is dedicated to the darker aspects of the self and of the magickal arts.  We believe that balance is required in all things and that the light cannot exist without the dark.  This Order will explore the shadow side of the self and will focus on the practice of the darker arts, within an ethical context. 


ORDER OF THE SONS OF LIGHT:  The Order of the Sons of Light is a worship and magickal working group for Pagan men.  We worship the Old Gods, celebrate the Divine Masculine, and work with masculine and solar energies. The Order holds rituals, hosts men’s' spiritual retreats, and engages in projects and activities of interest to its members.   


ORDER OF WICCA:  The Order of Wicca is home to the Church’s initiatory tradition of Wicca.  This three-degree initiatory Wiccan tradition takes an eclectic approach to the study and practice of Wicca; a religion influenced by pre-Christian beliefs and practices of western Europe that affirms the existence of magick, of both male and female deities, and that emphasizes ritual observance of seasonal and life cycles.


If you have any questions or are interested in joining an Order, please let us know!

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