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New Aeon Church provides worship services, clerical services, religious educational services, Initiatory clerical training and Ordination, community outreach, charitable services, and other activities deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors. 

The Church provides a centrally organized legal framework and system through which its congregants and authorized Bodies can operate, worship, and practice.  The New Aeon Church greatly encourages everyone to engage in a broad spiritual exploration and find or design a personal system of worship and practice that is the most effective given their own beliefs, culture, customs, backgrounds, preferences, and unique life circumstances.

We are an omnistic church that celebrates diversity and flexibility.  Omnism is the recognition that all religions and spiritual practices have validity.  We believe that each individual should strive to develop their own personalized, flexible, spiritual path, as our beliefs may change and evolve as we learn and grow.

Regardless of your personal beliefs or spiritual background, the New Aeon Church offers all of the benefits of a congregational church, without the dogma or limitations typically imposed by traditional churches.  Whether you currently identify as Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Wiccan, Pagan, or something else entirely, the New Aeon Church is here for you.  All we ask is that you keep an open mind and respect the beliefs and choices of all other members of our community.  Join us to learn, to share, and to grow in your individualized spirituality!  

New Aeon Church International.  Many paths, one Church.  A global congregation of independent travelers.

Join us to learn, to share, and to grow!

New Aeon Church International

Albany, NY 12211

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